New Era Systems LLC

NewEra Systems Founded in 2012, we have worked with government agencies, healthcare industries, enterprise and private sectors, as well as higher education institutions. Our comprehensive IT products and services include:

  • Security
  • Storage
  • Data Center Solutions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud & Virtualization

Data Encryption, Masking, and Tokeniz

Protect sensitive structured and unstructured data while at rest and in motion. This protection can start with structured data at the User interface of a web form, or internal application, and extend through to the backend systems or data lakes, including Cloud & SaaS providers.  Regardless of file type and where it is stored, transparently encrypt your unstructured data to exceed compliance requirements. Use cases especially important due to COVID-19 include protecting the sensitive unstructured data being accessed and/or stored on systems using unsecured networks by your remote workforce and third parties.